The A+A Difference - Our Signature Coconut Oil

Is all coconut oil created equal? Well... not exactly. 

Our coconut oil is perfectly crafted for your favorite caffeinated (or non-caffeinated) beverage.. And here’s the difference: The process of fermentation.

The fermentation process is simple but very time consuming. Every bit of the oil is hand extracted so only small batches are produced at a time. This method is more old fashioned because no machine or other substances are used in the extraction of the oil. To simplify it, the fermentation process is the natural separation of the coconut oil from water using gravity.

Our virgin, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil is high in antioxidants and 100% free of additives and preservatives. The texture is decadent and the flavor is mild (for those who don’t *love* a strong coconut taste), all while maintaining all of the *good stuff* that coconut oil has to offer your body.

All of our coconuts are a product of the Philippines and handpicked within 48 hours of harvest to deliver the highest quality oil. The water that’s collected to make the oil comes from the coconuts themselves rather than an outside water source.

Medical research and clinical observation has shown that medium chain fatty acids from coconut oil provide a range of health benefits such as boosting energy, improving digestion, warding off viruses, reducing inflammation, supporting our immune system, promoting weight loss, and is overall heart healthy (just to name a few things).

We’re proud to say that because of our natural processing method, our coconut oil has retained all of the qualities that nature intended it to have. Not to mention, it tastes delicious in your coffee!

That’s the A+A difference.

Written by Jacquelyn Santo
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